A specially curated yoga programme for employee wellness. We address the root cause. In contrast to any foreign models and concepts, we discovered that the Indian ancient wisdom techniques taught in our yogic route training modules are much more relevant and effective to Indian work culture. We provide a range of programmes, including day-long interventions and longer hand-holding programmes lasting up to a year. Embark through the graceful art of yoga, where beginners discover the foundation of serenity & seasoned practitioners delve into the profound depths of self-discovery. Join us in our exquisite training programs tailored to meet your unique needs and goals. We offer:
1 Month Subscription

Dedicated to nurturing your mental well-being. It offers you an opportunity twice a week to indulge in the gentle rhythms of pranayama and meditation, like whispered melodies for your soul.

SUKHI also provides an option of emotional well-being counseling, utilizing the gentle and healing principles of Bach Flower Therapy. It’s one-on-one emotional counselling to come out of your negative behaviour pattern and emotions, giving you a healthy mind and body for living life to its full potential.

1 Month Subscription

Dedicated to the graceful art of physical asanas and the blissful body relaxation techniques. Feel the gentle embrace of strength and flexibility as your body awakens to its fullest potential where every movement and every breath becomes a symphony of vitality.


Amalgamation of SUKHI & SWASTHYA.

One-Day Program.
Re-charge, bloom anew and embrace the radiant essence of a holistic one-day workshop that heals across three sacred dimensions: nourish your body with invigorating yoga, nurture your mind with calming pranayama, and you can also opt for the one-on-one emotional counselling to come out of your negative behaviour pattern and emotions giving you healthy mind and body for living life to its full potential.

Two days Program (Weekend)
To Relax, Rejuvenate & Bond with the team following the Yogic Route.

6 Months Program

Yoga program designed to cultivate profound stability in your mind, body, and spirit. Merge with each breath to find your center with pranayama and the soothing rhythm of meditation, guiding you toward a grounded existence rooted in balance, resilience, and inner peace.

1 Year Program

Leave behind the constraints of conventional approaches, and embark on a transformative journey guided by the yogic route of Siddhi. Embrace the essence of this six-session subscription to Swasthya and Sukhi. In the pursuit of growth and success, it’s time to set aside the conventional methodologies that have failed to resonate with the Indian team. Step onto this wellness route curated for Indian minds and watch as your team unfolds, embracing their fullest potential and radiating a luminous energy that uplifts all.

At Yogic Route, we pride ourselves on creating a supportive and inclusive community where ancient wisdom harmoniously merges with contemporary flair. Discover this vibrant route that infuses your days with mindfulness, energizing movement & transforming your existence into a radiant symphony of wellness, authenticity, and effortless grace.