We at Yogic Route would like to introduce our unique approach to yoga, one that extends beyond the physical practice and encompasses a holistic journey toward finding peace through movement, healing and evolving in all aspects of life. We firmly believe that yoga is not just an exercise routine but a transformative path known as the YOGIC ROUTE. 

Embark through the graceful art of yoga, where beginners discover the foundation of serenity & seasoned practitioners delve into the profound depths of self-discovery. Join us in our exquisite training programs tailored to meet your unique needs and goals. We offer:
General yoga

Group yoga is a wonderful practice that brings people together to experience the harmony of mind, body, and spirit. It’s like a beautiful dance where they move in synchrony, flowing through gentle stretches, poses, and deep breaths. Each person’s presence and effort contribute to the collective energy of the group, creating a sense of unity and connection. It fosters belongingness where friendships are formed, laughter is shared, and the joy of yoga is experienced collectively. It’s a personal journey that unfolds on your mat and becomes a sanctuary.

1 Month Subscription

Dedicated to nurturing your mental well-being. It offers you an opportunity twice a week to indulge in the gentle rhythms of pranayama and meditation, like whispered melodies for your soul.

SUKHI also provides an option of emotional well-being counseling, utilizing the gentle and healing principles of Bach Flower Therapy. It’s one-on-one emotional counselling to come out of your negative behaviour pattern and emotions, giving you a healthy mind and body for living life to its full potential.

1 Month Subscription

Dedicated to the graceful art of physical asanas and the blissful body relaxation techniques. Feel the gentle embrace of strength and flexibility as your body awakens to its fullest potential where every movement and every breath becomes a symphony of vitality.

Intensive yoga

With a keen eye and an empathetic approach, the trainer dedicates themselves to understanding the unique needs and goals of each participant. They gracefully navigate through gentle adjustments and encouraging words to ensure proper alignment in each person’s practice. It’s an immersive experience where the pace is dynamic and the atmosphere buzzes with energy as everyone pushes themselves to new limits.